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  • June 11th, 2015 (16:00 - 18:00)
DescriptionCourt of Moravia provides playful design solutions that incorporates game design and gamification to help your business get to the next level. Playful design breaks the ice and awakens the excitement. It increases the interest of both the customers and the employees. We offer our design skills and knowledge in the fields of Innovation management, Business Development, Human Resources, Education and Marketing. We are toying with games since 2000, and we mean serious business since 2007. We have designed hundreds of game designs, campaigns and events. Besides playful design our key to develop successful solutions is Human Centered Design - HCD. Every single project we work on starts with Hearing phase before we get to the Creation phase and then Delivering the actual solution to the target audience. In the Hearing phase we explore your current challenge, your target audience and all the stakeholders. And that is one of the most important parts of our work - we design with actual people in our minds and because of that, our solutions works. We know very well that only happy and excited people are the best employees or customers.
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        Playful design / Gamification

        We offer you our services in the field of playful design. Whether your current challenge lies in Innovation management, Human Resources, Marketing or Education, we can deliver custom tailored solution that will help you get your business to the next level. Playful design brings you deeply engaged and loyal employees and/or customers, builds your love brand, causes wow effect and generally helps you achieve your business objectives. Let's meet over a coffee and see how playful design can help you specifically.

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